The Ardour Manual

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A typical automation lane.

Automation is the ability to dynamically control various aspects of a track's innate attributes and the attributes of any processors attached to it. In Ardour, automation can be used to make dynamic changes to a track's:

The automation menu.

Any combination of these can be enabled on a single track; as such, it offers a lot of power and flexibility over how a track will ultimately sound when played back.

Activating automation for a track is done by clicking the A icon on the track head and checking the type of automation needed. A new "pseudo-track" will appear, showing the waveform in the background, called an "automation lane", where the value of the parameter can be edited : the x axis is the time, and the y axis is the value of the parameter.

If the Edit > Show Automation Lane on Touch is checked, clicking any parameter in a plugin window, a hardware controller, etc... will result in this parameter's automation lane being temporarily shown, and clicking another parameter will hide this lane to show the new one.

This section contains the following topics: